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Bihar Flood Relief Fund Raising - IIM Ahmedabad

Highlights: Successfully conducted the Bihar Flood Relief Fund collection at IIM Ahmedabad with substantial funds from over 200 students


The Bihar Flood is one of the worst natural calamities of our times. Hundreds of villages were completely destroyed. Lakhs of people in Bihar were without food, shelter or water. Many were waiting on the rooftops of their submerged houses.


We at Ray of Hope initiated the Bihar Flood Relief Fund Drive across the IIMs, IITs through the representative we have there, and 1000’s of our other contacts, to act as a quick medium for funds to reach the afflicted. The Bihar Floods saw the distraught, displaced and shattered in their millions. However, the country was more than forthcoming in helping providing quick relief to the highest extent possible.


We thank the students of IIM Ahmedabad who have represented the nation in caring for those whose lives were shattered. Their prompt response in donating funds sure did help many and it’s a gesture to be remembered by.


We would like to thank & commend Cindura Sholarajan & Jhoomer Sinha, who are PGP students at IIM Ahmedabad for their leadership skills. Their management of the fund collection helped the cause a lot and helped reach out to many more of those in distress. We appreciate their initiative from the bottom of our hearts.


We pray for the souls that were lost due to this unfortunate episode and hope for more support to renovate the state.