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Future Plans

Pocharam Village (Current Project)

Get a School constructed for the children of the Good Samaritan Children’s Home and all the other Children of the village.

Venture into Rural Employment Schemes

This project is being undertaken to provide regular employment and a steady source of income to those finding it difficult to make ends meet.

Nankari Village (Kanpur)

Provision of educational facilities, counseling, career guidance and skill development facilities for the children of the workers at the village.

Government Orphanage at Kanpur

  • The overall development of the orphanage in terms of educational and living facilities
  • The development of the children’s skills by training them in various activities

(Talks in progress)

Campaigns against Global Warming

  • Increasing awareness of the ill effects of global warming by conducting awareness sessions.
  • Getting trees planted by the children of different sections of the society.
  • Involve corporates, other NGOs in the program.
  • Clean Earth Movement – Pune