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Venture into Rural Employment Schemes

Venture into Rural Employment Schemes

Sustainable Livelihood Project

Brief description of project:

This project is being undertaken to provide regular employment and a steady source of income to those finding it difficult to make ends meet. This will be done through indigenous manufacturing of for e.g., healthcare emergency equipment. At present, emergency medical equipment is mostly imported at high prices. As per our talks with an emergency medicine specialist doctor, unskilled people can make many of these equipments of similar quality in India. With the emergency medical care market slotted for huge growth, the demand for these equipments is expected to increase by large volumes as well.

Salient features of the project:

  • The project is aimed at reaching out to people who are unable to earn enough to fulfill their basic necessities. This includes physically disabled people, seasonally employed people, etc.
  • Setting up emergency medical equipment manufacturing units, which will be manned and run by the underprivileged people, will provide the planned employment.
  • At first, a pilot project will be set up in Andhra Pradesh (probably Hyderabad). Depending on the quality of products, financial feasibility, market demand and other success factors of the pilot project, it will be scaled up to reach out to many more needy people.
  • The equipment to be manufactured will be jointly identified by Ray of Hope and an emergency specialist doctor from a leading hospital of Hyderabad. He will provide us with details such as size specifications of the products. The doctor and Ray of Hope will jointly decide the material and tools to be used for manufacturing.
  • In the pilot stage of the project, Ray of Hope will do the funding (either through funds collected from donors or through micro-finance). If we plan to scale up the project, the further sources of funding will be decided at the time of scaling.
  • Depending on the type of products, the machinery to be used for manufacturing will be decided. The machinery will probably consist of simple to use tools. Based on the machinery to be used for manufacturing, training will be imparted to the workmen. This will mostly be done in conjunction with a third party that has experience in use of those tools.
  • There are NO Profits for Ray of Hope here as the amount generated will be utilized for the purchase of raw material.

Since we are in a very rudimentary stage of the project, it will take us some time to calculate the amount of funds required, the number of people who will be directly employed as a result of this scheme, etc.