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The 'Ray of Hope' stall @ IIT Kanpur's Megabucks'09

The ‘Ray of Hope’ stall @ IIT Kanpur’s Megabucks’09¬†exceeded our expectations in terms of the registrations & donations. The RoH stall was able to attract a high number of visitors, all Thanks to the entire team here which has shown keen interest in volunteering for the same.


In all, we had 46 direct membership registrations  with the stall & over 60 through our website, hence exceeding our expectations.

There was a good amount of monetary donations and interests from funding agencies and other entrepreneurs to help us. However, many visitors want to donate other things such as clothes, medicines, books etc. towards the end of the same.

We would like to personally thank and commend the Ray of Hope team at IIT Kanpur comprising of Team Lead Praneeth Bhavi and his team: Aastha Chawla, Bhaskar Khemchandani, Siddharth Chawla, Sumit Singh, Asuthosh Dwivedi, Darpan Agarwal, Kamlesh Patel, Rashmi Parihar, Pavan Kumar, Asif Khan, Asish Pallapotu, Srikanth MVS, and Naveen Kumar. Their initiative will help spread Ray of Hope and reach out to more of the challenged citizens of the nation and beyond. We appreciate their efforts from the bottom of our hearts.