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The Week Magazine titled “The Indian Genius”

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This edition of “The Week” Magazine was aimed at showcasing the best of India’s youth and their innovative solutions to various verticals affectinthe nation; be it dance, medicine, health, Social Work, etc; and Ray of Hope was chosen in the field of social work due to it’s high passion, integrity, innovation, energy, love for the work, and last but not the least, it’s outstanding achievements in such a short span of time. Senior Journalist for “The Week” Magazine Mrs. Lalita Iyer interviewed us. This is the article in its entirety:


THE WEEK DEC 28th 2008
Ray of Hope, Hyderabad

“In 2005, when Praneeth Pallepogu stepped into Shishu Vihar, Hyderabad for the first time to distribute blankets to orphan children and destitute women, he realized that he had to do much more.

He discussed it with his mother, Noorjehan, a government employee, and then formed a team with the help of his friends. ” We contacted many of our old friends, some of them in the US, and got a huge response. They were all enthusiastic, and they raised funds from others as well. Thus the network started spanning new horizons”, says Praneeth.

“Our initial plan was a short-term campaign”, he says. “We took photographs of the Shishu Vihar inmates and mailed them to our benefactors”. They did this just to thank the donors. Their friends were so overwhelmed by the photographs that they spread word about the good work and raised more funds. Thus was born the little group named Ray of Hope. The funds were invested in institutions like Devnar Blind School and Ashray Akruti School for the Hearing Impaired, both in Hyderabad. Praneeth was also instrumental in sponsoring the education for the challenged children in a village near IIT Kanpur where he was doing his management studies.

The Good Samaritan Home for orphans in Pocharam Near Hyderabad/Secunderabad, which was in a miserable shape, is a much better place thanks to Ray of Hope. The group plans to build a school for its inmates.

Praneeth and his friend Naresh feel their strength is their network, and are convinced that collective and consistent help can change anything.

Apart from networking, they use innovative methods to raise funds. When Praneeth landed a job at Infosys, his parents hosted a party. His friends and he surprised the guests with a 10-minute Power Point Presentation on their activities.

At the end of the party, Ray of Hope was richer by Rs.60000


Lalita Iyer “

We thank Mrs. Lalita Iyer from the bottom of our hearts for her trust in us and our work and also for her contribution to fund the education of two girls at Shishu Vihar. They now can happily pursue their 4 year course in B.Sc Nursing and hence work for a better life. Thanks a lot for giving them the opportunity Ma’am!