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AmmaNanna Orphanage - shelter for mentally disabled people on the streets

Ray of Hope to MrsNurjehan Begum, a 64 yr old woman fromSangareddy District admitted in ICU

People with mental illness are not a threat to the society, in fact they are a challenge to the ethical and moral values of a community .Caring for them reveals our patience,kindness and integrity.TheAmmaNanna orphanage established at Choutupalli, Nalgonda district is an abode for many mentally retarded destitute orphans, wherein they are loved and well taken care of.Ray of Hope visited this orphanage ,organised lunch, distributed some gifts and interacted with the subjects there.Skits were enacted and song were sung to make them happy and joyful.It was a joy filled moment as people seem to find love and hope.It is everyone’s responsibility to care for such people.Let’s stand tall to accept this challenge of uplifting the mentally ill. !!