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Padmasree, Professor H.C.Verma joins as a mentor to Ray of Hope

Praneeth joined IIT Kanpur in the year 2006, for his higher studies. Praneeth continued his charity activities for the underprivileged in IIT Kanpur and for the orphans in Kanpur city, UP.
He worked relentlessly for the educational facilities, counseling, career guidance and skill development facilities for the children of the workers at the Nankari village, which was situated inside the 650 acre IIT Kanpur campus.
Under Praneeths extra ordinary leadership, Ray of hope started growing by leaps and bounds in popularity at IIT Kanpur. This caught the attention of many Professors of IIT.¬† One among them was Padmasree, Professor H.C.Verma. He invited Praneeth to his office. It was a blissful moment for Praneeth as he was a big fan of H.C. Verma’s work. Praneeth grew up reading his physics books during his high school days to get into IIT.
H.C.Verma Sir appreciated Praneeth for his dedication towards underprivileged. Being the resident of IIT Kanpur campus for years, H.C.Verma sir discussed about the issues being faced by the workers and their children in the Nankari village. Their discussion went on for 2 hours. At the end of the meeting H.C.Verma Sir was impressed by Praneeth’s commitment and dedication
& joined as mentor for Ray of hope! Praneeth often mentions this day as one of his best days during his student life.

HC Verma Sir