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First ever pure and continuous drinking water supply for entire Pocharam village.

We had planned to further our work in Pocharam. We visited the Home and were overwhelmed by the love the children showed to us. They seemed much healthier than the last time we saw them. We found out that this place had an underground lake and so formed a team with a digging company, who dug a 150 feet deep bore well drilled. We then got a 1.5 hp CRI JET PUMP with a PVC Pipe installed. Furthermore, we also got an ‘Aquaguard Triple Purifier Advanced Water Filter’ installed. Now, there was an abundance of not only water, but an abundance of pure and continuous supply of drinking water for the very first time for the entire village.

Apart from this, when we communicated this cause to the person from whom we purchased the filter, he not only gave us a discount but also donated funds and asked us to utilize them to purchase rice. We were able to purchase over 70 kgs of high quality rice with the funds that he donated. Time and again, our belief that humanity still exists among today’s people was strongly reinforced and this was one of those. After an energy filled installation process which lasted for around 2-3 days, we inaugurated the water pump and filter on New Year’s Eve. We spent the whole day there. The milieu was filled with excitement and happiness, which was so tangible that it was infectious! The children couldn’t stop jumping with joy when they saw the water burst out of the pump. We once again returned with an indescribable feeling. It’s something that can only be felt.