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Jeera - Home for the Mentally Disabled

This is a Home which was started in Musheerabad by a nun. It is home to mentally challenged citizens from various cities like Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh. They were rescued from the terrible street life that they were living. Praneeth’s father had a friend named Chandrasekhar; who was a local MLA’s secretary, and a journalist. He informed us regarding this Home. We found out that good food was scarce there and so with the journalist’s help, we invested our funds in a huge supply of fruits and also got a discount when we informed the suppliers about the cause.

On arriving at the Home, we were given a warm welcome by all the residents. But some of the mentally disabled patients were tied with chains to the pole. It was a terrible sight. Though the patients were in that horrible position smile was never missing on their faces. Prudhvi who was accompanied us for the first time became very emotional and said that he was unable to bear the sight of these unfortunate people and wanted to go away from the Home; when Praneeth told him that empathy, and not sympathy, is what they require. Henceforth, Prudhvi was back to normal and not only gave the fruits to the residents with love but also interacted with them. The residents there were so happy that they invited us inside a big hall, where they sang songs on their own and started dancing. It was a heartwarming sight. Even we shook a leg and; enjoyed it to the core! After spending the whole day there, we left with a sense of gratitude and an increased urge to continue our work.