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First visit to Pocharam Village - Good Samaritan Children’s Home

Good Samaritan Children’s Home is an orphanage in Pocharam Village, which is located in a remote area, 40 km from Hyderabad. It is home to 30 orphaned children who are taken care by a dedicated and hard working staff.


When we visited the place in the fag end of February, we were taken aback completely by the terrible conditions prevailing there. Adversity was all that hit our eyes. It seemed like a monster. Pure water wasn’t available and the infrastructure was in shambles; from the stained and foul smelling toilets, to the broken walls in which dangerously poisonous insects, rodents and reptiles would reside, to the rain water stagnating, it was a complete nightmare. Mosquitoes were abundant and the whole area was on the brink of a disease-outbreak.  Furthermore, this was a remote and open area with almost no buildings. So it was terribly cold in the nights and terribly hot in the day. These children had neither blankets, nor mattresses to shield themselves. Another issue looming was that they didn’t have good educational facilities as well. We were completely shocked to see and feel such adversity and decided to implement our funds here. However, the courage that these brave children showed was inspiring!

We campaigned aggressively again, and increased the existing funds. We simultaneously started shopping for the children. We purchased a year’s supply of school uniforms, school equipment (books, pens, pencils, etc), clothes, a lunch program, mattresses and blankets. Vineela, a friend of Pavan’s, who joined us for the first time was  concerned about the children at Pocharam  contributed all the money that she had saved for her birthday party and clothes.


When visited the Home, the children there recognized us by names, which was pretty surprising and also heartwarming at the same time. They were elated to see the whole array of merchandise lined up for them. We helped them clean up the Home to make the living conditions bearable and gave them tips on how to maintain the Home.


This was a very educational visit and we were hungry for more.