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Clean Earth Movement – Pune

Highlights: Ray of Hope’s Alliance with the “Clean Earth Movement” volunteers at Pune

“Ray of Hope has formed an alliance with the clean earth and would like to act as a platform for this movement. We encourage everyone to support this movement as volunteers. Our volunteers have visited the Baner hills along with the CLM once and we intend to continue the work. We also plan to support the movement monetarily in the near future. Please read on to know how you could support the movement.”


To fight global warming unitedly as a member of the global family. Bringing about change  in our lifestyle and thinking, which will help save our planet from the problems arising  out of the materialistic life. We seek to find path of overall rational development by thinking Globally and acting Locally.

Core Activities

1. Awareness programme to educate people to combat GLOBAL WARMING.
The burning of fossil fuels coal, petrol, diesel, etc and the resulting emission of CO2 to the atmosphere is the major cause for Global warming. We can reduce the CO2 EMISSION with little change in our lifestyle.

2. Cleaning the public places on every Sunday morning at 7.00 am to 8.00 am.
The population of the earth is about 7 billion. If everybody disposes the garbage created by him /her systematically then the pollution can be drastically reduced.

3. Plantation and or maintenance of trees on every Sunday morning at 8.00 am to 9.00 am. One tree in its lifetime can absorb one ton of Carbon.

4. Awareness programme to educate people to reduce consumption of electricity. Saving 1 Kw of electricity means avoiding emission of 0.5 Kg of CO2 to atmosphere.

5. Awareness programme to educate people to reduce consumption of fossil fuels like petrol and diesel etc. Saving of 1 lit petrol or Diesel is equivalent to avoiding 11 Kg of CO2 emission to atmosphere.