Hope Centers, an Internship Model and Volunteer/Member Task Model and

Our latest instrument to success - Inspired by CRY

In a Nutshell, the “Hope Center” is a tool that provides an opportunity to anyone and everyone interested, let it be a 15 year old kid, in quickly and efficiently applying all their energy towards helping the challenged people of the world.

Coming to the emotional quotient involved, the Hope Center is a place of hope; a place which spreads hope and peace around the world and brings happiness into those who live the unfortunate life and are in distress; and all of this by inspiring each and every soul to contribute their time, energy and other resources how much ever they can.

It presents an opportunity to learn quicker and also spread your own knowledge and thus involving the entire community as a Team in lending a hand to those in distress and making the world a better place to live for them. It provides stability and consistency due to its approach.

We will be following this approach for the INTERNSHIPS we’re offering to top-notch Business School & IIT Students as well. We already have two interns as of March 2009 from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. These internships are open to anyone who shows interest, and the selection will be made based on various parameters which can be discussed through e-mail and telephonic conversations if not face-to-face meetings.

NOTE (Important): The description of the Hope Center given below is comprehensive and might seem highly challenging & strenuous to someone (a non-intern) who wants to contribute but not as much given below. Please note that you as a member need to do whatever it is that suits you and you may choose any of the tasks highlighted below as a part of your endeavor to support Ray of Hope. Please do remember that it’s not the amount of resources that you contribute to Ray of Hope but the gesture that matters.

Description of Hope Center [.pdf format]