Donations from India

Bank ICICI Bank
Account Number 007 501 037 916
Account Name A Ray of Hope
Address ICICI Bank Limited,
S.R.Nagar, Hyderabad, India
Treasurer E-mail ID


E-mail or write to us as soon as you have made a remittance through Wire Transfer; so that we can record it in our account books, this is necessary for audit.


Write your complete address where you wish to receive the IT Exemption receipt. We have applied for Income Tax exemption u/s Section 80(G) and would issue certificates as soon as we get the Department's approval.


  • Funds
  • Clothing - including towels
  • Hygiene Products - Soaps, Cold creams, Hair oil
  • Furniture - Tables, Chairs, Mats, Table lamps
  • Educational Material - Story books, Magazines, CDs and DVDs etc
  • Stationary Supplies - Notebooks, Pens, Pencils and Erasers, Plain paper, Scrap books
  • Blankets and Beddings - Bed sheets, Blankets (ordinary and woolen)
  • Medical Supplies - Crocin, Dexorange and other nutrition supplements, Anti-septic creams
  • Miscellaneous - Mosquito Repellents, Naphtha balls, Detergents etc

Child Sponsorship Initiative (CSI):

Through our Child Sponsorship Initiative (CSI) Scheme, an individual or a group of individuals can extend support to one child. The aim of the scheme is to generate financial support for this child in terms of Tuition fee, medical, and food expenses.

Through the Scheme:

  • The donor(s) will be associated with the child over the period support is extended.
  • The donor can visit our Center and meet the supported child as per our guidelines.
  • The donor will receive periodic updates about the child's profile including pictures and letters from the child.

Besides material support, we request your involvement and initiative in

  • Fundraising
  • Awareness and support at place of work / study.
  • Event Planning
  • Spending time with our kids.

Note For the children at Pocharam Village, you may sponsor a child with INR 1500/- required for tuition fee, medical, and food expenses